A Generous Donation From a Sudbury Tree Removal Company

Thank You Top Knotch Sudbury Tree Removal!

We have received a very generous donation from a friend of ours names Al Lalonde. He is the owner of a company called Top Knotch Tree Specialists in Sudbury, ON.

Check them out if your looking for a certified arborist in Sudbury!

They made a very generous donation last week and we personally would like to thank them. This company is  tree removal company and they also specialize in tree services. You will not find a more trained team of arborists in the city of Sudbury. Not to mention they have huge hearts and are great contributors within the community. We thank them for there ongoing support and for their generous donation.

If you would like to make a donation to the Covenant, please send an email to [email protected]! Ask for Louis, he is in charge of all of the donations that come through. With every donation you are making the Covenant a better place for our children and for us to enjoy. God thanks you for your support, Top Knotch Tree! If you happen to need a Sudbury tree removal please check out Top Knotch Tree Specialists and support local business!

The Covenant Community Church Welcomes You!

Here at the Covenant, we are always accepting new members! We encourage you to attend one of our Sunday sermons and bring your friends and family! We have weekly sermons and always have activities going on for the whole family!

Our goal is to welcome the word of Jesus Christ into your home. We spread the word of God by welcoming everyone and always accepting each others differences. We welcome members of all different ethnicity and backgrounds. We have members who attend our church from all over the world as our sermons are captured via webinar and are broadcasted all over the world!